From the Basement

Thirteen songs of Life. Written in the old basement flat and then recorded with Ross Stenhouse  in the Music Gig Productions studio B “the Basement Studio”. All songs written and performed by Adam (with the exception of the drum tracks on Humble Pie). 

Minor Confusion

A five song EP this time, grit , reality and hard living rub shoulders. Again recorded with Ross Stenhouse, this time the amp was plugged in a heap more and the overdrive warmed up. This EP had the working title of “Bent cops, working girls, drug dealers and other Saturday night pals.” Which may be a fair indication of what’s in store, it’s Bukowski meets Chandler with a hardworking guitar cutting through the smoky tale.  To balance things out there is the warm acoustic number, “Something Willie Said”, Co-written with Adam Thompson. A simple song with a simple message....Simplify.