From the Basement

Thirteen songs of Life. Written in the old basement flat and then recorded with Ross Stenhouse  in the Music Gig Productions studio B “the Basement Studio”. All songs written and performed by Adam (with the exception of the drum tracks on Humble Pie). 

Minor Confusion

A five song EP this time, grit, reality and hard living rub shoulders, its been described as the epitome of Metaphysical Blues.

Again recorded with Ross Stenhouse, in the new Studio B.

This time the amp was plugged in and the overdrive warmed up.

The EP had the production title of  “Bent cops, Working girls, Drug dealers and other Saturday night pals.” Which may be a fair indication of what’s in store, it’s Bukowski meets Chandler with a hardworking guitar cutting through the smoky tale.  

To balance things out there is the warm acoustic number, “Something Willie Said”, Co-written with Adam Thompson. A simple song with a simple message....Simplify.