SIT strings

Adam runs SIT strings on all of his guitars, they are as good as it gets. 

2020 fender ultra Stratocaster

No modifications needed.......yet (‘cept for heavier strings)

Alder body with a solid maple neck.


2007 Gibson Songwriter Studio

Adam’s much modified main acoustic. Sitka Spruce top with Ovangkol back and sides. The fretboard and bridge are both ebony and the frets have been redone in stainless steel.

“May Belle” sports two separate pickups which run independently of each other, with seperate outputs. 

The Fishman Prefix Plus T Piezo runs through pedals into an acoustic amp  (or PA). Whilst the Fishman Black Stack runs through pedals into an electric amp.

This set up gives a huge range of sound options, allowing Adam to play without having to constantly change guitars.


2007 fender Nashville power telecaster

A Telecaster with an extra electric pickup in the middle like a Stratocaster and a Fishman Powerbridge piezo type pickup. Rosewood fretboard and Alder body.
Pretty much the solid body version of the same concept as tried with the Gibson. Very handy workhorse. 

2004 Ibanez AFS-75T Artcore

Adam’s slimline hollowbody Jazz box.It’s been well set up, but not really all that modified.

”The Arch” made an appearance in every song on the Minor Confusion EP, a few songs from the Basement, as well as much  earlier unreleased/out of print material. 



ZT Lunchbox Junior amp

The diminutive but powerful “Junior”, don’t let her size fool you. The tone is amazing. This is the amp as heard on all electric work, and often runs in tandem with the acoustic amp for the twin pickup gig set up. 

Tanglewood T6

The Acoustic amp, a most versatile bit of gear. 

?? Navarra “Lawsuit era”.LP

Japanese made, unknown year (60’s?), heavy as hell, so much sustain that she’s still crying, from the last time it was out of case. Adam has had this one since ‘87. 

‘91 Yamaha FG460S-12

The twelve string since 91, a jangly creature that appeared a few times in “From the Basement”. 

‘68 Yamaha G120

The nylon string “Miss Kitty”. 

Pedals and Stomp

 A Boss VE-8 is used to tame acoustic piezos and loop. 

A Boss ME-50 is used for electric duties and the second pickup from Orvillia. 

A Pratley stomp box is used for all stompering.